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For over 30 years, Sharp Realty has been a part of Augusta, buying, selling and building homes for our community.  Walt Sharp opened the agency in 1979 after he left his job teaching carpentry. Now, the business has evolved into the most established, award-winning real estate company in Augusta.  Sharp Realty is run by Denise Rockers, Walt's daughter, who is the firm's broker. Three additional agents work in the office: Carey LeeLora Grooms, Rhett Mallon

"I love the flexibility and involvement in the community that this job allows," Rockers shares. That community involvement and having grown up in the area allows Rockers and her team of local, experienced agents to serve customers in a unique style. "When we bring an agent onto our staff, we look for people who will provide great customer service," Rockers continued.  "We think that helps us offer something other agencies don't."

About Us
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